Surge Protector Test Set, Bourns 4010-01

Features Applications, Suitable for testing:
  • Lightweight, hand-held design
  • Gas Tubes
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Carbon gaps
  • Simple operation
  • MOVs
  • High accuracy peak reading circuit
  • Zener and avalanche diodes
  • Wide 10 - 1000V test range
  • Thyristor devices
  • Precise auto-sensing shutoff
  • Finished product

  • Description
    Bourns 4010-01 Surge Protector Test Set is a hand-held, battery-operated tester designed to measure the clamping voltage and dc breakdown voltage of most surge protective devices. The 4010-01 is suitable for testing gas tubes, carbon gaps, MOVs, Zener and avalanche diodes and thyristor devices, both as components and as complete protectors.

    The 4010-01 is a true slow-rise tester because it does not use a pulse transformer. It contains unique test circuitry and a precise 1mA detector. As soon as 1mA is conducted through clamping type devices, such as MOVs and avalanche diodes, the control circuits removes the test voltage from the output terminals and displays the clamping voltage on the meter. A low energy capacitive circuit will discharge through crowbar type protectors, such as gas tubes and carbon blocks, and trigger the detector. The breakdown voltage will be displayed and the test voltage removed.

    Internal switches for ramp speed and discharge circuit type are accessed by removing the back cover. They are to be set for the intended application: 200V/s for laboratory tests or QC type approvals; 1000V/s for high-speed testing or sorting. The IEEE discharge circuit permits gas tubes to conduct in the arc mode, while the ITU circuit generally allows only glow currents to flow.

    Pushing the test button applies a linear ramp to the device under test. Sensing circuitry automatically terminates the test when either the dc breakdown or 1mA clamping voltage is reached. The test value is maintained on the LCD display until the test button is released.

    Open Circuit Voltage Rate of Rise 200V/s or 1000V/s
    Maximum Output Voltage 1000V
    Useable Measuring Range 10 - 1000V
    Test Current for Clamping Devices 1 mA ± 10%
    Test Current for Crowbar Devices >1A
    Operating Temperature 0 to +50șC
    Storage Temperature -10 to +60șC
    Measurement Accuracy 0.5 %
    Power Source 3 lithium batteries - NEMA type 5024LC
    Battery Life
    200V/s Up to 10,000 tests
    1000V/s Up to 50,000 tests
    Shipping Weight 2 lbs.
    Warranty 2 years

    For P-type thyristor protectors, breakdown voltageVBO occurs at the device zener voltage VZ. Therefore, the tester will measure actual VBO.
    * For N-type thyristor protectors, breakover voltage VBO is higher than the zener voltage VZ. For these devices, the tester will measure VZ.

    Additional Features

  • Selector switches for complete testing between all terminals and polarities
  • Linear voltage ramp, selectable for 200V/s or 1000V/s operation
  • Selectable IEEE or CCITT type discharge circuits
  • Wide range or adaptors for standard protector types
  • How to order:
    Part no. Accessories included
    4010-01 No accessories
    4010-01-A Nylon carrying case
    4010-01-B Nylon case, 48-inch leads with alligator clips (suitable for testing ac arresters on site)
    4010-01-C Nylon case, P/N 72288 and 72289 gas tube adaptors
    4010-01-D Nylon case, P/N 72291 5-pin module adaptor
    4010-01-J Attache case, P/N 72272 5-pair cassette adaptor
    4010-01-K Attache case, P/N 72273 10-pair magazine adaptor
    4010-01-L Attache case, P/N 72272 and 72273 adaptors
    4010-01-N Attache case, P/N 72304 4-pair magazine adaptor

    Part no. Available Separately
    30503-01 Test Cable w/ Aligator Clip - Red
    30503-02 Test Cable w/ Aligator Clip - Black
    72288 Adaptor for 2-pole gas tubes, fits 6 and 8 mm high gas tubes and most carbon block protectors
    72289 Adaptor for 3-pole gas tubes with leads on 4.4, 4.7 and 6.4 mm centers
    72291 Adaptor for standard 300 series 5-pin protector module
    72272 Adaptor for Krone MDF71 protector cassette
    72273 Adaptor for Krone LSA-Plus protector magazines E-mail:

    Functional Block Diagram